Today in Labor History

Labor history is OUR history

Welcome to Today in Labor History!

Labor history is OUR history.  The stories of the struggles of working people in this country and around the world to make a better life for themselves and their children and all of us — people who work for a living — are often unknown and untold.  This blog is all about helping to change that.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to Today in Labor History!

  1. Wonderful. Easier to link to and pass on. I love your work. I’m an activist in the National Writers Union (UAW).

  2. Michael Slesick on said:

    I am a USW member in the paper industry. Loove your stuff on facebook and am happy for this site. I will be posting as many as I can at my work. Great work! Wish the schools taught this part of history. My grandfather worked at Republic Steel back in the 30’s and was there during the massacre of 1937. His coworkers died for our right to organize. Its people like you that help others realize what our country was made out of! Thanks!

  3. Love it… and thanks!

  4. I am a librarian in the Web Archiving/Pandora section of the National Library. We are interested in adding a copy of your blog site to the Pandora Archive but to do so I need to first send you an email with information regarding Pandora and a permission form for you to complete. Would it be possible to obtain a direct contact email address so I can send these items to you?

    Evan Rowlands
    National Library of Australia, Canberra ACT 2600

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