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June 2, 1952

6833519008_bcfba045f0_zThe U.S. Supreme Court rules that President Harry Truman had no authority when he seized control of the nation’s steel mills on April 8 – the day before a nationwide steelworkers’ strike was set to begin – to keep them in production for the Korean War effort. 600,000 steelworkers went on strike on June 3, effectively ending production for the next six weeks.

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One thought on “June 2, 1952

  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Action New Hampshire and commented:
    600,000 striking workers and vets standing with them in solidarity. Notice the disfigured face of the disabled vet in the front row.

    Detroit auto workers will soon be striking again and there are calls for a national strike, will we have the courage that our ancestors had?

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