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July 30, 2001

Crisis_20_diciembre_2001Facing demands by foreign investors in the middle of a recession, the government of Argentina’s proposed austerity bill is passed, which includes slashing state salaries and some pension by up to 13%. The economic crisis continued to deteriorate for months and by December major unions called for a general strike.

January 7, 1919

ImageWhat would become known as “Tragic Week” begins in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when the military attack workers who are on strike at an ironworks plant and kill four people.  Within days, a general strike brought the city to a halt and 200,000 people took to the streets in solidarity with the striking ironworkers.  Police opened fired on the crowds and workers responded by burning factories, raiding armories, and forming militias.  Estimates are that police killed 700 workers over the course of the week, wounded 2,000, and arrested 55,000 before martial law was declared.

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