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October 3, 1932

National guard posted outside a mine in Kincaid, IL.  Governor Horner's decision to send in troops ultimately played in favor of John L. Lewis and the Peabody Coal Company.

State troopers march into Kincaid, Illinois, to guard against a sympathy strike by more than 160 of the town’s 180 high school students, protesting the use by their school of scab-produced coal from the Peabody Coal Company while their fathers are on strike over wages.

September 17, 1989

1989_pittston_coal_strike_a_battle_for_workers_rigFive months into a Pittston Company mine strike, nearly 100 workers stage a sit-down strike in the Moss 3 central coal processing plant and successfully cease production for four days, supported by thousands of people outside the plant. A strike settlement was announced on January 1, 1990, which included a new contract that reinstated the health and retirement benefits that the company had stripped away.

February 10, 1972

saltley-gate-trades-council-ad30,000 engineers walk out in support of a nationwide strike by coal miners, and about a third of them march to the last remaining open fuel depot in Birmingham, England, and shut it down. The blockade forced police – who had battled for days to keep the depot open – to surrender. The “Battle of Saltley Gate” was a turning point in the miners’ strike.

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