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September 4, 2013

jessie-lopez-featured-imageLabor organizer and civil rights activist Jessie Lopez de la Cruz dies at the age of 93. Born in 1919 in Anaheim, California, de la Cruz worked as a migrant farm worker from a young age. She joined the United Farm Workers in 1965, became the union’s first female organizer, was involved in numerous strikes, and helped ban the crippling short-handle hoe. De la Cruz remained a political activist until her death.

June 1, 1966

farm-worker-picture-3Farm workers at La Casita Farms in Starr County, Texas, go on strike over wages and union recognition. The melon strike became the first major civil rights event in the state during the late 1960s. Brutality by Texas Rangers and local law enforcement broke the strike after a year.

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