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October 5, 1945

780wOn what became known as “Hollywood Black Friday,” a six-month strike by set decorators boils over at the gates of Warner Brothers’ studios in Burbank as scabs attempt to drive through the crowd of 300 strikers. By the end of the day, some 300 police and deputy sheriffs had been called to the scene and over 40 injuries were reported. Media coverage of the violence pressured the studios to negotiate and the strike ended about a month later.

July 12, 1933


The Screen Actors Guild is incorporated in downtown Los Angeles in response to the film industry’s exploitation of actors, which included unrestricted hours of work, no meal breaks, unbreakable multi-year contracts, and governance over actors’ public and personal lives.

February 13, 2008


Hollywood writers return to work after their 100-day strike that shut down more than 60 television shows ends. The new contract gave Writers Guild of America members residual payments for programs streamed online and formalized union jurisdiction over programming created for the Web.

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