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October 3, 1932

National guard posted outside a mine in Kincaid, IL.  Governor Horner's decision to send in troops ultimately played in favor of John L. Lewis and the Peabody Coal Company.

State troopers march into Kincaid, Illinois, to guard against a sympathy strike by more than 160 of the town’s 180 high school students, protesting the use by their school of scab-produced coal from the Peabody Coal Company while their fathers are on strike over wages.

February 16, 1883

8279370581_7e24f94b56_bMelting snow collapses the side of a coal mine on a marshy tract of land with no natural drainage near Braidwood, Illinois. Within minutes, the Diamond Mine flooded, killing 74 boys and men, 46 of whose bodies were never recovered. The disaster prompted state legislators to overhaul an 1871 law that allowed individual counties to appoint their own mine inspectors.

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