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October 13, 2015

homrcareHome care workers are finally getting protections they should have had years ago. After a U.S. Court of Appeals unanimously upheld a Department of Labor Home Care Final Rule to extend minimum wage and overtime protections to almost 2 million home care workers, the ruling is effective as of today, October 13, 2015.

February 23, 2004


San Francisco’s minimum wage increase goes into effect, bringing the hourly rate to $8.50 from $6.75.  In 2003, voters approved a local ordinance tying the minimum wage to the regional rate of inflation.  The minimum wage in San Francisco is the highest in the nation, currently at $10.55 an hour.

June 4, 1912


Massachusetts establishes a Minimum Wage Commission to “inquire into the wages paid to the female employees in any occupation in the commonwealth, if the Commission has reason to believe that the wages paid to a substantial number of such employees are inadequate to supply the necessary cost of living and to maintain the workers in health.”

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