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June 3, 1916

MesabiUndergroundMining190648986Forty miners at the Oliver Iron Mining Company on the Mesabi Iron Range in northern Minnesota walk off the job. The strike was marked by violence and repression. The civil liberties of strikers were violated, mine guards and police used force to intimidate strikers, union leaders were jailed, and the company refused to negotiate with the workers. The strike ended in mid-September when the workers won some of their demands.

July 6, 1889


Striking laborers employed by contractors on street and sewer improvements in Duluth, Minnesota, attempt to break through the police presence protecting scabs doing their work. The police opened fire and a gun battle ensued that resulted in the deaths of four workers and a bystander; many more were seriously wounded. The state militia was called in and drove the workers back with fixed bayonets. Strike leaders were arrested and the police who participated were given gold medals.

April 4, 1907


The Labor Review begins publication in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and continues – 106 years later – to chronicle the history of the labor movement in the Twin Cities.

November 25, 1946


Teachers strike in St. Paul, Minnesota, the first organized walkout by teachers in the country.  The month-long “strike for better schools” involving some 1,100 teachers — and principals — led to a number of reforms in the way schools were administered and operated.

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