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November 13, 1974

Who_killed_silkwood_christicUnion activist and whistleblower Karen Silkwood dies under “mysterious circumstances” while en route to a meeting with an Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union health and safety staffer and a New York Times investigative reporter. She was bringing them documents proving that the company she worked for – Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corporation – had falsified quality control records of nuclear fuel rods.

February 28, 1986


South African workers at the 3M plant in Elandsfontein near Johannesburg stage a half-day walkout in solidarity with 3M workers in Freehold, New Jersey. The company announced in November 1985 that it would close its plants in Freehold, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Van Nuys, California.

June 13, 1926


Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union leader and labor activist Tony Mazzocchi is born in Brooklyn, NY.  Mazzocchi was an advocate for workers’ health and safety, pushing the passage in 1970 of Occupational Safety and Health Act, and a key voice in the “right to know” movement” in the 1980s.

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