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November 6, 1887

s3-internationaleFrench transport worker, revolutionary socialist, and Paris Commune member, Eugene Pottier dies. Pottier was the author of “L’Internationale,” an unparalleled anthem to international labor solidarity.


April 2, 2011

002_RBI-image-JOC043821I02Canadian and American trade unionists rally at the international border between British Columbia and Washington to show their solidarity with public sector workers in Wisconsin facing attacks by that state’s government. The action was organized in conjunction with hundreds of other We Are One rallies that took place throughout North America.

January 15, 1915


Artist, writer, and Industrial Workers of the World activist Ralph Chaplin, in Chicago for a demonstration against hunger, completes writing “Solidarity Forever.” Chaplin began writing it in 1914 during a miners’ strike in Huntington, West Virginia.

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